“Biker Babes”

(a feature comedy script about moving on by Jonny Lewis)

Biker Babes is a comedy, inspired by my lady biker friend who is still radiant at age 65, and has been a biker (motorcyclist) for over 30 years. She’s also the kindest person you could ever meet. Her biker husband died a few years ago, and she struggled for while to get her bearings again. This film is inspired by her spirit, though the story is a complete invention.

In this movie, Lainie, 65, has not ridden her motorcycle for two years. When her friend Jo invites Lainie on a bike ride to California to visit her mother, she declines. But Jo, with a little trickery (okay, a bold-faced lie), takes advantage of Lainie’s compassionate nature to rouse her into getting back on her bike. Once they’re on the road, troubles and joys small and large both push the pair apart and bind them together. But will Jo’s lie unravel the whole thing? And are these two biker babes just too old for this shit?.

I’m writing this film because I think it will be inspiring for women, for anyone over 50, for people who have suffered loss, and for people who are considering whether they might do something more adventurous in their life. Lastly, it’s a tribute to all the other lady bikers out there—a few of whom are in their 90s and still riding!